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Inaugurated on May 8, 1943, Usiquímica, known initially as "Indústria Química Gimenez", was born from the ideal of Spanish Manuel Gimenez Henriques. Thanks to the hard work and commitment to maintain the quality of its production, the company today is led by the third generation and gradually has expanded its product extension. To maintain Usiquímica in a degree of excellence, the company has gone through a constant process of modernization and this made the company very important in the Latin America scene.

A pioneer in the production of concentrated nitric acid, its first manufactured product, over the years Usiquímica increased its product line and expanded its operations throughout the Brazilian territory, as a distributor for national and international companies as well as supplier of some items. The company serves customers in small, medium and large companies in various segments and regions. And today, this relationship has an essential participation in the development of the company. Besides its partners, Usiquímica also has qualified personnel, trained in commercial and technical areas, which includes the training since the sales team until to those responsible for industrial processes. To ensure solutions to meet the customer needs.


To develop business with chemicals, offering low cost, security of supply and reliability through integrated logistics services and technical support.


Ethics - To act with responsibility in the exercise of our activities.
Sustainability - To be aware that business survival depends on the ability to preserve natural resources.

Excellence - To search for continuous improvement of processes and meeting the needs of clients, exceeding their expectations.

Reliability - To build open and transparent relationships, supported by mutual trust.

Training - To promote and encourage personal and professional development through improvement of knowledge.

Av. Angelica, 1968 - 1st floor - Zip Code: 01228-200 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil