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The complete solutions are the sum of investments in modern infrastructure, advanced technology and qualified technical team.


Area of ​​1,500 m² fully ventilated and designed for storage of fractionated products, drums and sacks according to the safety and quality standards to ensure its original characteristics.


The devices are monitored through a computerized system located away from the place where the operations are performed. This system, besides informing, can also act on the equipment, performing completely reliable operations.


Our Operational Unit, regarding to technological and architectural aspect, has a modern design and meets the most rigorous safety standards.

Drumming Station

Capacity of 24,000 liters per hour held in a restricted area, covered and equipped with electronic scales connected to a central which command electronically the opening and closing of the valves as well as weighing the containers.


Equipped with modern equipment and instruments for quality control of the materials produced and purchased from third parties, ensuring the overall product quality.


Modern tankage park with a capacity of 1,000,000 liters distributed in tanks of stainless steel, carbon steel, polyethylene and pressure tanks equipped with magnetic centrifugal pumps with the objective of promoting quality, safety and speed in handling operations of our products .


Our constant and effective concern with the environment manifests itself not through catchphrases, but because of the existence of treatment effluent station, gas scrubbers used for loading, unloading and packaging products; electronic sensors that operate automatically in the event of leakage; dikes for containment and neutralization of possible stroke, besides the necessary equipment for fire fighting as determined by the law.

Av. Angelica, 1968 - 1st floor - Zip Code: 01228-200 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil